Would you like to wake up your audience at an early conference or talk? Or perhaps get your audience excited about your team building event. The Trials Stars can create an entertainment package that is a perfect addition to your event strategy.

Show Examples:

The CEO Switcheroo

In this show one of the Trials Stars dresses the same as the presenter. The rider conceals his identity by wearing a full face helmet and performs some tricks. The rider when finish rides out of sight giving the bike to the presenter to ride back on stage. The presenter then takes off the full face helmet and taking a bow for the amazing stunts. The audience will either be really impressed with the presenters' skills on the bike or they will all have a good laugh. The later is usually the case.

The Soiree Circle Show

The Trials Stars show is perfect entertainment for a company party. Usual two 15 minute shows spread out over the evening will set a good vibe and get people social.


For booking inquiries, please contact Jeff Anderson or fill out the contact page form with the details of your event and we will respond as soon as possible.

Jeff Anderson
Phone: 778-387-4077
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