The Trials Stars want to inspire students to ride their bikes. The riders, Jeff and Steve, express the benefits of cycling for the people and the planet through an exciting action packed show. Jeff and Steve interact with students, sharing important messages relavent to the world we live in.

Important Messages:

Elementary School
  • Helmet Safety
  •  -  The Trials Stars stress the importance of cycling with protective equipment.
  • Life Balance
  •  -  The benefits of a balanced life style incorporating physical activity.
  • A Bike is a Vehicle not a Toy
  •  -  Jeff and Steve review the rules of road that involve bicycle safety.
  • Bike Control
  •  -  The riders give pointers how to control you bike to stay safe.
    Secondary and Middle School
  • Sustainability
  •  -  The benefits of a sustainable forms of transportation.
  • The Value of Power
  •  -  Analogous to the value of money, the Trials Stars try to show the students what is the value of physical energy and power.

  • Life Balance
  •  -  The benefits of a balanced life style incorporating physical activity.


    "Jeff Anderson of the Trials Stars, presented his biking knowledge and skills to the amazement of our students. Throughout his exciting demonstration of trials biking, he continually reminded his spellbound audience of the precautionary issues and requirements for safe riding. His performance was of professional calibre and his success record at international competitions is impressive. The students were educated, entertained and excited by his talented skills and knowledge about trials biking. It is wonderful to have such a young and inspirational role model for our students."

    Kathy Filkin
    Folkstone Public School
    Brampton, Ontario


    For booking inquiries, please contact Jeff Anderson or fill out the contact page form with the details of your event and we will respond as soon as possible.

    Jeff Anderson
    Phone: 778-387-4077
    Trials Stars Bike Shows 2014